The Daily Scroll

Let’s face it, sometimes life is hard, very hard. There are people in nursing homes who have family that never visits. Family that they gave their life for yet they remain forgotten. Leaving them…broken.  Single moms whose husbands abandoned them for selfish reason, leaving them…broken. Men who worked twenty years for a company giving their all and right before retirement they’re downsized. Leaving them…broken. There are children who roam the streets without food because of a drug addicted mother or father who are only thinking of their next fix leaving them…broken.

There is one who has experienced brokenness on a level which we can’t imagine…Jesus. He went through it for us, so that in our brokenness we’d have Him…to heal, to comfort, to love, and help us through. If you’re broken today, turn to the one, maybe the only one who really cares…Jesus. 


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