The Daily Scroll

 I was reading in the Bible, Luke chapter three, where it describes the genealogy of Lord Jesus. I counted 77 generations. I was reminded of the story of the man who sat in church, who was living in sin, but was hesitant to come to the altar and give his heart to Christ. The pastor was preaching on Luke chapter 3 going through all the generations of Jesus, which most people would find a pretty boring part of the Bible, being so repetitious. 

Suddenly this man, having been hesitant for years, stepped forward to the front and ask the pastor what he must do to be saved. The pastor led him in the sinners prayer and he was gloriously saved after having given his heart to Christ. Afterward the pastor asked a man what it was that motivated him to give his heart to Christ? 

He said after listening to all those generations of men that had lived, given birth to a son, and died he realized that he was going to die too and he wanted to make things right. So friend even with the most boring passages, like a repetitious genealogy, there is power in the word of God. It is powerful and will touch your heart when nothing else will. Seek him in his word.


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