The pop singing group REM have a powerful song and video called “Everybody Hurts.” It’s an example of hurting people and how that there are people, all around us, everyday people, who are silently going through despair, loss, grieve, pain, disappointment, betrayal, and for some, suicidal thoughts. 

Most of these people have been hurt by others. Some in personal relationships, some in business relationships, and some by the death of a loved one. Within every situation we have the feeling that nobody understands, nor does anybody care. So in our pain we live our lives suffering quietly. 

With pain just below the surface we are apt to strike out. We strike out at those around us and even those we dearly love. The next time someone hurts you, take a second and ask yourself, “Is this person just being mean, or is there something more going on here. Realize that hurt people hurt people. 

The Lord Jesus experienced all the pain and suffering as we do in His earthly walk among us. In the Bible written in John chapter 11 we read about the death of Lazarus, a friend of Jesus and the brother of other friends of Jesus. When He saw their grief, He was touched and grieved with them. It says that Jesus wept. Jesus, the Son of God, wept over the grief of His friends for the loss of their brother. And we know, as the story continues, that Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead. 

He relieved them of their grief and He’ll help you as well. Whatever you may be going through, realize that there is comfort in the Holy Spirit, and hope in Christ Jesus. Don’t give up. You are loved.


The Daily Scroll – PURITY

I was watching a video of a large stream with water flowing over rocks steadily. As the water flowed over the rocks it became white with froth. It looked so pure and clean. I wanted to dip my cupped hand in the TV screen and draw out some of that pure, clean, water to drink. I imagined how refreshing the taste would be. Then the video changed and followed the water passed the rocks and became a small river, flowing like before, but more peaceful and sure. I watched it flow off into the distance and thought that we are like that river.

When life gets rocky and our way, our flow in life, seems turbulent and unsure, know that God is purifying you. As you flow over that rocky time in your life, know that like the waters in the river, you are being stirred, aerating, and caused to become more pure. It’s something you go through that enables you to become that peaceful flowing river. What began as a rocky stream becomes pure refreshing water fit for use by the master; enlarging you into that peaceful river that flows in the will of God.

He’ll Bring you through that rocky place. It’s all part of the plan to change you into who you are meant to be, a beautiful pure child of God.

In Ezekiel 36:25 the Word says, “I will sprinkle clean water on you, and you will be cleaned; I will cleanse you from all your impurities and from all your idols. I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you.”

The Daily Scroll

An amazing account in the life of Jesus found in the Bible.

“As the sun went down that evening, people throughout the village brought sick family members to Jesus. No matter what their diseases were, the touch of his hand healed every one. (Luke 4:40) 

If the sun is going down on your day, and hope is lost, reach out to the healing hand of Jesus. He heals every one He touches. He’ll help you. – gene

The Daily Scroll

 I was reading in the Bible, Luke chapter three, where it describes the genealogy of Lord Jesus. I counted 77 generations. I was reminded of the story of the man who sat in church, who was living in sin, but was hesitant to come to the altar and give his heart to Christ. The pastor was preaching on Luke chapter 3 going through all the generations of Jesus, which most people would find a pretty boring part of the Bible, being so repetitious. 

Suddenly this man, having been hesitant for years, stepped forward to the front and ask the pastor what he must do to be saved. The pastor led him in the sinners prayer and he was gloriously saved after having given his heart to Christ. Afterward the pastor asked a man what it was that motivated him to give his heart to Christ? 

He said after listening to all those generations of men that had lived, given birth to a son, and died he realized that he was going to die too and he wanted to make things right. So friend even with the most boring passages, like a repetitious genealogy, there is power in the word of God. It is powerful and will touch your heart when nothing else will. Seek him in his word.

The Daily Scroll

“For the Mighty One is holy, and he has done great things for me. He shows mercy from generation to generation to all who fear him. His mighty arm has done tremendous things! He has scattered the proud and haughty ones. He has brought down princes from their thrones and exalted the humble. He has filled the hungry with good things and sent the rich away with empty hands.” (Like 9:49-53)

The Daily Scroll


From the Life Application Bible

Mark 15:44-47 This evidence demonstrates Jesus’ uniqueness in history and proves that he is God’s Son. No one else was able to predict his own resurrection and then accomplish it. 

Proposed Explanations for Empty Tomb: Jesus was only unconscious and later revived. 

Evidence against These Explanations: A Roman soldier told Pilate that Jesus was dead. References: Mark 15:44-45 

Evidence against These Explanations: The Roman soldiers did not break Jesus’ legs because he had already died, and one of them pierced Jesus’ side with a spear. References: John 19:32-34 Evidence against These Explanations: Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus wrapped Jesus’ body and placed it in the tomb. References: John 19:38-40 

Proposed Explanations for Empty Tomb: The women made a mistake and went to the wrong tomb. Evidence against These Explanations: Mary Magdalene and Mary the mother of Joseph saw Jesus placed in the tomb. References: Matthew 27:59-61; Mark 15:47; Luke 23:55

Evidence against These Explanations: On Sunday morning Peter and John also went to the same tomb. References: John 20:3-9 

Proposed Explanations for Empty Tomb: Unknown thieves stole Jesus’ body. Evidence against These Explanations: The tomb was sealed and guarded by Roman soldiers. References: Matthew 27:65-66 

Proposed Explanations for Empty Tomb: The disciples stole Jesus’ body. Evidence against These Explanations: The disciples were ready to die for their faith. Stealing Jesus’ body would have been admitting that their faith was meaningless. References: Acts 12:2 

Proposed Explanations for Empty Tomb: The religious leaders stole Jesus’ body to produce it later. Evidence against These Explanations: If the religious leaders had taken Jesus’ body, they would have produced it to stop the rumors of his resurrection. References: None 

The Daily Scroll

How many believers in Christ constantly struggle with sin? From pornography to idle gossip, big sins and small sins, it’s all the same. We’re forgiven yet we struggle to live holy. How do we deal with this and overcome? Jesus identified the problem and gave us the answer. 

“Keep watch and pray, so that you will not give in to temptation. For the spirit is willing, but the body is weak.” (Mark 14:38)

If we don’t keep watch over our temptations and pray to overcome, our weakness will prevail. Even though we desire to be obedient, we fail. If the Disciples needed this word from Jesus, then surely we need it as well. – gene

The Daily Scroll

Jesus said, “The coming of the Son of Man can be illustrated by the story of a man going on a long trip. When he left home, he gave each of his slaves instructions about the work they were to do, and he told the gatekeeper to watch for his return. You, too, must keep watch! For you don’t know when the master of the household will return—in the evening, at midnight, before dawn, or at daybreak. Don’t  let him find you sleeping when he arrives without warning. I say to you what I say to everyone: Watch for him!” (Mark 13:34-37)

The Daily Scroll

“Jesus sat down near the collection box in the Temple and watched as the crowds dropped in their money. Many rich people put in large amounts. Then a poor widow came and dropped in two small coins. Jesus called his disciples to him and said, “I tell you the truth, this poor widow has given more than all the others who are making contributions. For they gave a tiny part of their surplus, but she, poor as she is, has given everything she had to live on.” (Mark 12:41-44)

Remember that God loves, loves a cheerful giver. When we give from the heart as we are able, it’s a joyous occasion. – gene