The Daily Scroll – Open Door

 Frank was a new convert and looking for his place at church. He watched others doing various jobs and ministries and, as he would say, wanted in on the action. Always on the go Frank was not satisfied just occupying a pew. He talked to the pastor and the only opportunity that was available was to direct parking in the parking lot. They really needed workers there especially on Sunday mornings when the biggest crowd showed up. Not a normally humble man, Frank was looking for a more prestigious position. So on the first morning trip he showed up and reported to Brother Owens, he was shown the ropes but his lack of enthusiasm was obvious. 

Brother Owens had been in charge of this “parking lot ministry” for some years now and saw the signs, so he pulled Frank aside. Frank told him , “No offense Brother Owens, but I was looking for something of a higher calling than this. I wanted to do something great for the Lord.”

Brother Owens in his wisdom said, “Frank I know what you mean. Our job here are not recognized so much and it’s sort of thankless, but we are providing a good service. We share umbrellas in the rain, we help disabled people find a good spot, we find lost Bibles, wallets, purses, and even kids. And don’t forget, our smiling faces are the first ones that new visitors see. Stick with this and do your best, and in time, God will move you when you’re ready. 

Frank took his wise counsel and changed his outlook. He saw new importance to his ministry job and flourished. Today, many years later, Brother Frank pastors a church with a parking lot twice the size. He can be found there on a busy Sunday morning directing traffic and welcoming everyone with his biggest smile. 

The Bible records the Apostle Paul writing, “When I came to the city of Troas to preach the Good News of Christ, the Lord opened a door of opportunity for me.” (Ephesians 2:12)

You too have an open door prepared by God. Go through it and enjoy the adventure.


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