The Daily Scroll – Seek

 Seek the lord while he may be found. For there is coming a day very soon when it will be more and more difficult to find him. Great tribulation is coming to the Earth. A time of war, famine, disease, and natural disasters all accelerated in the unprecedented way. Men’s hearts will fail them for fear. Men will shake their fist at God and blame him for all their misfortunes. 

The Lord will call his children home in an event called the rapture of the church, and they and the children will escape this great tribulation. Seek and become part of him, part of His church and be ready to escape. But he who does not know the Lord, who doesn’t not call on his name, will not escape. They will be the harvest that the enemy has planned for the souls of men. 

Here’s a fair warning to all unbelievers. Do not be deceived by false teachings and doctrines of devils. For all will stand before the judgement seat of Christ and if you do not know Him, you will be found guilty and your soul will be lost to eternal damnation. You will NOT come back as another person go live again until you get it right. You have one life on this earth. One. Seek Him while He may be found. I did long ago and I am at peace. Peace that only knowing Christ can bring. Seek Him please.

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