The Daily Scroll – Fear Not!

 “Fear not!” The Angel says to virtually everyone to whom he appears. When the news arrives, the messenger is sometimes more scary than the news. So today the news is scary to so many and like the Bible predicted so long ago, we are living in a time where “ mens hearts are failing them for fear.”

The world is not at peace, and actually it’s more like a stirring cauldron of war, violence, famine, natural disasters, and evil of unspeakable dimensions. If you are a born again believer in Jesus Christ, then His peace is available to you. But if not, then your peace is hard to come by. 

Remember when The Disciples were tossed about in the raging sea and it looked like they were going to die, Jesus came walking on the water to save them. He exercised His mastery over the wind and the waves and walked on the water to save His people, then commanded the wind and waves to be peaceful and still. He’ll walk on water for you if necessary and take charge over the horror that you are facing. He says to us, “Fear not!” Look to Him and not the circumstances which surround and threaten you. Fear not.

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