The Daily Scroll – Be Open

Phil was a man of faith, devotion to God, and of prayer. He would have many a conversation with God but the trouble was that it was mostly a one way conversation. For you see Phil had great fear of the Lord possibly calling him to step out of his comfort zone and become a doer of the word and not just a hearer. How many well intentioned lovers of God are satisfied and yet complacent in their do nothing lifestyle. 

Sure, church attendance etc is good and needed, but what about the thing, yes the thing that God has actually called you to? Many hear the call,  but turn a deaf ear, and pretend not to hear it. Content with their complacency, they continue with the idea that one day, one day it will be convenient. It will be better. Then they will do great things for God. He may not be calling you for great things, such as reaching the whole world. He’s calling you for anything. Don’t wait for the opportunity given you to do great things, just do something. We know that the longest journey begins with the first step. But the fear of the first step can be crushing. 

Be open to the call of God. He never calls someone whom He doesn’t also enable. Don’t be so frozen and stuck in perceived inadequacies that you miss the greatest adventure in your life. Be open!


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