The Daily Scroll – Run Before the Gale

Storms of life come and go. Such is life, right? Right. But there are times when a storm arrives that is so surprising and powerfully devastating that it’s difficult to come out of it unscathed. And many don’t. Normally, a skilled sailor at sea would sail into the wind, and fight the storm, but then there are times when sailing into the wind would destroy and sink the ship. 

The Apostle Paul was in such a situation as described in the Bible, (Acts 27:15). So the captain did what he had to do. He had his crew turn the ship away from the storm, stop fighting it, and allow the storm to take them away. Hanging on for dear life, they eventually had to throw overboard their cargo, their belongings, and even their ships gear. They did this to stay afloat. They “ran before the gale,” it passed, and they all survived. Bad storm but every man survived.

You may be trying to survive a gale of life right now, and destruction may seem imminent, but don’t succumb. Listen, in the last year I have broken the same leg twice, had two operations, months of rehab, and finally, just recently, a total knee replacement. After the first operation last year, I found myself on my back in the hospital looking up at the ceiling, looking up to God asking,  “what is happening to me?” For my life’s journey had suddenly stopped.

Father God was so gracious and instructed me not to fight it, not to worry about my job or my business, but relax and go with it. My wife and my daughter took care of me, our home, and our business. My company took care of my insurance and disability, and my family and friends gave me their love and support. 

As I sit here in the rehab center recovering from my total knee replacement, I feel at peace, floating safely on the raft of God. It’s only a matter of time before I’ll be back home with complete healing, working, gardening and serving my Lord in the next phase of my journey. With my family beside me we are more than conquerors in Christ Jesus. And you are too!

You may also be in a similar situation. Stop fighting, and let Father God protect you as you ride it out safely. There will be time later to recover, rebuild, and continue your journey. I believe and declare that God is not through with you! You will make it! As my missionary brother Roy Olsen always reminded us, “The best is yet to come!”


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