The Daily Scroll – Watch It!

Christians around the world are watching and waiting for the return of Jesus in an event we called the rapture of the church. Jesus spoke of the signs of the last days and they are all around us. But there are deceiving voices that are saying things, specific things that aren’t true. And these voices are saying these things to deceive, mislead, and discourage believers. Remember, Jesus said that perilous times would come and the people would say “I am Christ” and would say “Jesus is in the desert.” Don’t believe it! Or, “Jesus is here!” Don’t believe it! When Jesus comes everyone will know it. Also, no one knows when he’s coming. He told about the signs of the times, and he compared it to watching the weather. When it looks like it’s gonna rain or storm you see the clouds and you know partly, but even the greatest prophetic voices in the land today does not know when Jesus is coming. We believe we are in the last days and we have to be prepared that he could come at any time but watch it…when other voices are giving specific dates and times. Watch it…when people are saying he’s here he’s there. Watch it…beware of false voices. Study the scriptures yourself and you’ll know the truth.

Jesus said my sheep know my voice pray, seek Him, and get close enough to Him where you’ll know his voice. The Bible says the very elect would be deceived if possible and there is a great deception across the land and across the world. So my brothers and sisters, watch it!


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