The Daily Scroll – Get Up!

In the Bible, in the book of Acts 9:40, it tells the story of a kind woman named Tabatha who had recently died. The Apostle Peter was led to her room and he prayed for her. He said “get up Tabitha! Though dead, she opened her eyes and sat up. Then she went about her business and lived. In Jesus’ name she was raised from the dead.

Not only do we die, but more often than not our dreams die. Maybe we are inspired by the Lord to do something, either for the kingdom of God or for our families. But then something happens… Nothing. So like Peter told Tabatha we might just say to ourselves get up! Get up and do what we know to do and at least begin the process. Dreams can be had at the moment but dreams are not usually built in a day. With God’s help, however, your dreams can come true if you get up and don’t give up.

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