The Daily Scroll – Singing Rain Birds

Many people have awaken on a rainy Monday morning only to be filled with dread feeling yucky. We drag ourselves to the coffee pot, get to work and wish the day was over already. Then there are some people who spring out of bed with a song in their heart and bask in the excitement of another day with new opportunities for success!

It was just such a rainy Monday, when I myself was not basking, that suddenly I heard this sound coming from outside my window of birds singing. It was beautiful. You’d thought it was a sunny day, not a 55 degree fall day with wind and rain outside. 

After some quick research, I learned that the rainy environment brings worms closer to the surface and also bugs come out to dry themselves, so this is a happy buffet for the birds. They chirp and sing to let other birds know that dinner is served. In the Bible we read the words of Jesus as He explains that God provides and takes note of even a sparrow falling to the ground. He cares for the least of these. How much more does He care for you? (Matthew 10:29-31)

So instead of starting that cold, dreary rainy day with dread, realize that your Father in Heaven is aware of you and takes note to care for you. Put a smile on your face, a spring in your step, and seize your opportunities. Claim your day!

Click the link below to hear and experience the birds.


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