The Daily Scroll – You Feed Them

The Bible in Luke chapter 9 details the event in Jesus‘s life when thousands of people were following him to hear his message, and be healed. At one point the disciples came to Jesus and told him to send the people away for food and lodging because they were hungry and had no place to stay in the wilderness. But Jesus turned to his disciples and said the most perplexing thing. He said “you feed them.”

Unsettled they replied, “But we have only five fish and two loaves and there are 5000 men out there.”

So Jesus took what they had, five fish and two loaves, prayed over them, broke them into pieces and enabled the disciples to feed 5000 men plus the women and children who were with them. He could’ve done it in many ways but he chose to use his disciples to do it and he blessed what they did with the provision to do it. When you see a need and the Lord puts it upon your heart to help someone, even though it seems impossible, depend upon him to enable you with the ability to do what he’s called you to do. Then do it!


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