The Daily Scroll – Faith Begets Faith

As Jesus approached the home of Jairus where reports spoke of the death of his little 12 year old daughter, with people grieving and wailing outside, He said to them,”The girl is not dead, she only sleeps. But the people knew that she had in fact died. They were witnesses to her death. We see that Jesus spoke and believed in a different outcome. In spite of the facts, He believed with everything in Him that she would live. 

As He entered the room where she lay, He only took three disciples, and the parents of the girl. People who hoped, and prayed that Jesus would heal her. People of faith, not doubters. As a matter of fact He separated Himself from the doubters, but those whom He brought in with Him would be witnesses of the miracle. His faith began before He arrived, for He spoke and existed in faith before arriving on the scene. The seeds of faith were within Him, the seeds were fertilized and grew to the point that when He arrived on the scene, He simply harvested the miracle. In the Spirit, this miracle had already happened. The future became the present. 

As it is with Him so it can be with us. If we believe. – gene

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