The Daily Scroll – The Red Heifer

 For all you prophecy watchers around the world watching the events leading to the end times second return of Christ, another piece of the puzzle has come true. A red heifer must be used in the purification of the Jewish Temple and it has arrived in Israel. As a matter of fact, the Jerusalem Post has posted, and I quote, 

“Five perfectly red heifers, required for the ritual purification of those who have touched a dead body, arrived in Israel from a ranch in Texas on Thursday, as the Temple Institute continues preparations to lay the ground for the construction of the Third Temple in Jerusalem.“

Follow this link for the entire story.

These are exciting times to see the season described by Jesus and the prophets. Looking for the rapture of the Church to precede these events.

 An Israeli rabbi uses a magnifying glass to examine a cow named Zippora, trying to determine whether the animal is a "red heifer", (photo credit: STR NEW/REUTERS)

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