The pop singing group REM have a powerful song and video called “Everybody Hurts.” It’s an example of hurting people and how that there are people, all around us, everyday people, who are silently going through despair, loss, grieve, pain, disappointment, betrayal, and for some, suicidal thoughts. 

Most of these people have been hurt by others. Some in personal relationships, some in business relationships, and some by the death of a loved one. Within every situation we have the feeling that nobody understands, nor does anybody care. So in our pain we live our lives suffering quietly. 

With pain just below the surface we are apt to strike out. We strike out at those around us and even those we dearly love. The next time someone hurts you, take a second and ask yourself, “Is this person just being mean, or is there something more going on here. Realize that hurt people hurt people. 

The Lord Jesus experienced all the pain and suffering as we do in His earthly walk among us. In the Bible written in John chapter 11 we read about the death of Lazarus, a friend of Jesus and the brother of other friends of Jesus. When He saw their grief, He was touched and grieved with them. It says that Jesus wept. Jesus, the Son of God, wept over the grief of His friends for the loss of their brother. And we know, as the story continues, that Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead. 

He relieved them of their grief and He’ll help you as well. Whatever you may be going through, realize that there is comfort in the Holy Spirit, and hope in Christ Jesus. Don’t give up. You are loved.

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