The Daily Scroll

Sweet simple child like faith. This is what the Lord wants from us.. Not faith where you have to work yourself into a mental agreement that something will happen because of your prayer, but making prayer a simple request that you believe will be heard by your heavenly father because of your simple child like faith. When you pray in simple childlike faith, you submit your will to the will of the father. Will he answer your prayer? Yes. Will you always like to answer? No. Does the answer always come when you want it to come? No. But the answer will be there in time, and on time, according to God‘s will. Submit yourself to him with simple childlike faith and you will never be disappointed, because over time you will learn that your heavenly father hears you and answers your prayer, He’s always on time. And He is always fair.  He proves over and over again how much he loves you and that he will go to any length, any miracle, to do what is best for you. Just have that simple childlike faith. – gene


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