The Daily Scroll

Do you see the worst in people or the best in people. Most of us see the worst in people, and it’s easy because it sometimes jumps out at us. But most people have a good side as well. Aside that the public doesn’t often see. When Jesus looks at us of course he knows all he knows our faults. But if you were to sit down and speak with him and let him appraise you I dare say he would never mention one of your faults nor one of your feelings. He will find the good things and you and even give you examples of when you displayed those good things. So don’t be afraid to come before him or one day will all go before his judgment seat because as a child of God and is a born-again Christian the good for outweighs the bad and he will help us to overcome the bed if we ask him.See yourself like he sees you, a precious child of God.


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