The Daily Scroll

When the heater is too hot we go to the thermostat and turn down the temperature. When the air is too cold we go to the thermostat and turn up the temperature. But when the heat is neither too hot or too cold and it seems just right and comfortable we leave the thermostat alone alone. In our spiritual life we get excited about God and we tell people about him and we read his word and pray and try to be the best we can be for him and in that way we’re on fire for God. In other words were hot. Also in our spiritual life we could forget the good things that God has done for us, forget about how excited we were when we first received our fellowship with Jesus and life could become cold spiritually. Also we could become mundane in our relationship with Jesus, go through the motions maybe even go to church, sit there and leave unfazed, unaffected, and empty. Jesus said that he would rather us be hot or cold. Either all the way for him or not, but to just go through the motions is something he does not like. So we should check our thermostat and make sure we are hot for God and our relationship with God. Not cold, and not lukewarm especially. He said if we were lukewarm he would spew us out of his mouth. In other words no relationship. So let us check our thermostat.


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