The Daily Scroll

Tomorrow, in the US, we celebrate Thanksgiving which we believe started with the pilgrims giving thanks to God for sustaining them in this new land. They celebrated with indigenous people and together, we believe, had a wonderful meal and a good time. So what will we do tomorrow? Close our self off to just ourselves and our family? This is good but maybe we could stretch that invitation out to some indigenous people in our own community. And when I say indigenous people I really mean people that we normally have nothing to do with, that are there but seemingly separate from our community and our realm of friends and family. Many people are hurting right now. Some are sick some are very poor and many really don’t know where their next meal is coming from. Our community raised funds and food in various outreach campaigns to help the poor and I’m sure the ones that get this will really appreciate it. But what about those that don’t receive it? And what about those who need it every day not just Thanksgiving or Christmas. Let this be a time in whatever community you live in, whether you’re in America, England, Belarus, Australia and everywhere that this blog is read, to reach out and bless, or feed someone. If only one person. If you have it in your heart to help, God will put someone on your heart to bless. I hope everyone has a very blessed Thanksgiving day tomorrow with family and friends and a blessed day of thanks around the world. – gene


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