The Daily Scroll

 O Nations, why do you shake? Why do you tremble? What wakes you from your slumber as you repose with your full stomach? Know that God is not mocked. Do not mistake His patience and long suffering for weakness or even non-existence. Oh, He is there and He sees. But you say this is our time! This is our moment! You only have the moment in time which God gives you. You have plundered His people, ruined the goodness bestowed by God on your forefathers, whom acknowledged Him with fear and respect. Search the scriptures and see your fate. For He, who cannot lie, has clearly warned you, in His Holy word, what becomes of Nations who refute the laws and precepts of Almighty God. Wake up! Slide from your bed of drunkenness down to your knees and repent before it’s too late oh Nations. For when God breaks both of your arms like he did to Pharaoh, as recorded in Ezekiel 30:20, you will be defenseless to even raise a sword and will by destroyed by your enemies. 


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