The Daily Scroll

The watchman on the wall faces the inhabitants moving around in the city, going about their lives, living accordingly to their own standards, not God’s. Comfortable in their own self righteousness, not God’s. They’re thinking about their own pleasures, not pleasing God. They listen to the sound of their own lusts, not the still small voice of God. Yet God in His love sends the watchman, to warn of their impending doom, although no one listens, the watchman shouts to the crowd, “Repent! Repent! 

If this were a movie, the camera would start with the crowd scene, with the voice of the watchman shouting in the background. Then slowly pan, (that is move) above the  heads in the crowd to the wall, then up the wall to the face of the watchman shouting “repent” for a tight shot on his face…His face full of fear and desperation as he warns to no effect. Then the camera slowly widens to show that behind the watchman is a hundred foot tsunami wave about to crush and destroy the city and all of its inhabitants. 



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