The Daily Scroll “Get Real America”

I have learned from reading and studying the Bible that when a nation, particularly God’s chosen people, people whom are called by His name, turn from Him, and the true love, worship, and respect of Him, they become weak. Yes God does bring judgement, but most of the ills that befall such a nation are self inflicted wounds. Such people worship their bellies more than they worship God. They lose their morals, their dignity, and believe in their own self righteousness. Poor people…given everything and wasting it on sinful pleasures. Poor people…who blind themselves with the very treasures that they hold so dear, like taking diamonds and gouging their eyes out. Oh, they have their treasures but because they have blinded themselves, they fail to see what lies just beyond… But we’re too big,  too strong to fail they say…just before the devourer attacks. Oh yes! The attack is coming and such a nation always…always…brings it on themselves. 

America, if there was ever a time to pray, to repent, to revisit our core beliefs it is now. We have been lulled into complacency and believed a lie. Has evil overtaken us? Look around. Another thing I have learned from the Bible is that God is a God of second chances. He forgives, restores, and heals. If we turn to Him with a humble heart, He will do just that. America, we will either learn from the past or be doomed to repeat it. Shake yourself, think! What has brought us here? What is causing  us to reap the judgement which is befalling us? Oh… we need God! And we need Him now!


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