The Daily Scroll

Who is the man who hates God? Who is the woman who despises the mention of His name? An arrogant and haughty generation, that’s who. For God is the same today as He has ever been. Those who know Him Love Him and recognize that all blessings flow from Him and His love for us. These who do not know Him disregard Him, ignore Him, and blaspheme His name. 

Many lift their fist heavenward and curse Him who they do not know, and yet believe in their unbelief. This could be called demonic madness. But for all who suffer this delusion, I want you to understand and know that God loves you as much as He loves me. He wants to bless you, heal you, and deliver you from an insane world on the verge of collapse. The Bible instructs us to search for God while He can be found, for there is coming a day when the heavens above will be as brass, and the world will be caught up in judgement. So seek now and you will find Him. Read the Bible, learn of His ways. Time is short. – Gene


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