The Daily Scroll

The Lord God is Sovereign in Heaven, on Earth, and in all of the Universe. Why? Because He created all things. All that is, came from Him. How can the creation be sovereign over its creator. It cannot be. In a time in which we live, a time of turmoil everywhere we turn, we have the knowledge that our Sovereign God has the ultimate control. 

He has given us free will to love Him or not; to serve Him or not; even to believe in Him or not. That is because we are His children and we’re made to love Him. But like us, what joy can be received from someone, even a child who is “forced” to love you? Empty.

Don’t be deceived by the gods of this world who cause division, fear, and unrest. Do not mistake His patience for weakness or His nonexistence. For He is long suffering, patient and kind. But as the Bible teaches us, when He’s had enough, He acts and acts swiftly. God, our God, is in control and used His prophets to warn us of such a time as this. A time that we are encouraged to look up! Our redemption draws close. – Gene


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