The Daily Scroll – To Whom it May Concern

“Listen to this, you pleasure-loving kingdom, living at ease and feeling secure. “You felt secure in your wickedness. ‘No one sees me,’ you said. But your ‘wisdom’ and ‘knowledge’ have led you astray, and you said, ‘I am the only one, and there is no other.’ So disaster will overtake you, and you won’t be able to charm it away. Calamity will fall upon you, and you won’t be able to buy your way out. A catastrophe will strike you suddenly, one for which you are not prepared.” And all your friends, those with whom you’ve done business since childhood, will go their own ways, turning a deaf ear to your cries.” (Isaiah 8,10-11,15)


The Daily Scroll- Greetings Peru! ¡Saludos Perú!

To all our friends and companions of faith in Peru, Greetings in the name of our Father God, and His Son, Jesus Christ, author and finisher of our faith. The Lord would say to you…

“Today, the eighth of the month, as the number represents, is a day of new beginnings for you. You are a land of history, of riches, and innovation. The world has not seen the future accomplishments that lay at your feet, but I see. For I who cannot lie, have placed them there. Be encouraged in me. Move forward with the love and joy I have placed in your hearts…today.”

For the LORD is God, and he created the heavens and earth and put everything in place. He made the world to be lived in, not to be a place of empty chaos. “I am the LORD,” he says, “and there is no other.” (Isaiah 45:18)

May the grace of our Lord Jesus be upon you and your families. May many blessings, health, and prosperity be yours today and always. – Gene

A todos nuestros amigos y compañeros de fe en el Perú, Saludos en el nombre de nuestro Padre Dios y de Su Hijo Jesucristo, autor y consumador de nuestra fe. El Señor te diría …
“Hoy, el ocho del mes, como lo representa el número, es un día de nuevos comienzos para ti. Eres una tierra de historia, riqueza e innovación. El mundo no ha visto los logros futuros que están a sus pies, pero yo veo. Porque yo, que no puedo mentir, los he puesto allí. Anímate en mí. Sigan adelante con el amor y la alegría que he puesto en sus corazones … hoy ”.Porque el SEÑOR es Dios, y él creó los cielos y la tierra y puso todo en su lugar. Hizo el mundo para vivir en él, no para ser un lugar de caos vacío. “Yo soy el SEÑOR”, dice, “y no hay otro”. (Isaías 45:18)
Que la gracia de nuestro Señor Jesús sea sobre ustedes y sus familias. Que muchas bendiciones, salud y prosperidad sean tuyas hoy y siempre. – Gene