The Daily Scroll

The Holy Spirit is so sweet. For those who do not know Jesus as your personal savior, who have not been baptized in the Holy Spirit, you are missing the greatest experience in life. To have a personal relationship with the Lord and the comfort, compassion, and love from the Holy Spirit is the greatest, most precious blessing one can have. And the tragedy is that the Lord longs for this relationship with you, with us. I know that to the rational mind it seems impossible that the God of all creation would care so much for you, yet it is true. That scene is played out in the Bible over and over again. If you know the Lord, don’t take him for granted. Don’t sin because you can and get forgiveness. Don’t sin because it hurts the Lord. “Seek him while he may be found,” it says in the Bible. For our own good seek him, find him, love him, and worship him as God and friend. Your enrichment and blessings will be without measure. – Gene


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