The Daily Scroll: A word from the Lord

Awake ye people of the earth! Danger has never been closer to your threshold. The Lord of Heaven’s armies has warned of the consequences of sin, of great sin. He is angry and grieves over the spilling, (like a great flood), of innocent blood. Return from your sin and be saved. For those who persist in arrogance and pride will be brought low. You will face the Lord of Heaven’s armies and will wither like a snowflake on hot pavement. The murdered sacrifices of the earth cry out day and night for vengeance, and vengeance, in righteous judgement, is what they will receive. Do not be secure in your truth, the truth of foolish men awash in their own self worth. If your truth, your law, is void of my truth, my law, then your truth and law is only valid in hell. A ticked earned in rebellion. Awake ye people of the earth. He who has an ear, and holy wisdom, humble yourselves before the Lord and be saved. Awake!


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